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Session Tips

  • What to Wear ?
    Clothing is so important to a great image! First and foremost, it's important that you be comfortable in the clothes you're wearing; don't be afraid to experiment a little, but stay true to yourself. If you're looking to get creative, I recommend wearing layers as much as possible to add interest and texture. Adding pieces with texture such as chunky sweaters, clothing with ruffles, buttons, ribbon, & embroidery will help give your photos dimension. Always feel free to bring a couple changes of clothing to the session - I can help you mix and match! ACCESSORIZE!! This is the ideal time to bring out those funky boots, yellow heels, lace tights, jewelry, blazer, hats, scarves, mittens etc. These type of accessories really can make a simple photograph SO much better. However, please try and avoid logos or cartoon characters on your clothing as it distracts from the true subject of the photo... your beautiful face. ;)
  • What to Bring ?
    I LOVE it when you bring props that have special meaning to you! OK, I also love the ones that are just for fun, like balloons, old trunks, cool chairs... whatever you want to bring, we'll have fun using it. Feel free to bring your dog along, as well (just remember to bring treats & poop baggies)! When thinking about what you want to bring, think along the lines of what makes you YOU: favorite hobbies, instruments you play, sports equipment, your favorite car, etc. Feel free to unleash your creative genius! (Or, just bring yourself - that's fine too)
  • Where to Go ?
    In Whatcom County we have such a wide variety of options to choose from! The first thing to think about is: do you consider yourself to be more "urban" (think surroundings like brick, back alleys, and city textures) or "rural" (think open fields, water, trees)? That will be your starting point. Also, if you have any places nearby that are particularly special to you, those are great places to suggest doing your session at. If you need help deciding on a location, I'm more than happy to help you pick!
  • When to Do It ?
    The first thing to consider is: when are your yearbook photos due, and will you be able to use your own? Make sure to schedule your session in advance of that date. The second question is, what time of year do you prefer? Do you like wintertime & snow, springtime & flowers, summertime & water, or autumn and orange trees? Planning ahead will allow us time to reschedule the session if we need to in case it rains (we DO live in Washington!).
  • Beauty Tips !
    The first thing to consider is: when are your yearbook photos due, and will you be able to use your own? MakaI'm a big believer in professional hair and makeup - it really does make a huge difference! I highly recommend making the investment. Two local and very skilled hair & makeup artists that I personally like are Salon Tryst, and Sandalwood Salon. To do your own makeup, keep in mind that it should be only slightly heavier than normal. Too much makeup tends to give you a painted look; too little won't show off your features. A loose powder is a huge help to bring the shine down on oily skin. To keep your makeup fresh, one helpful little trick is to spray your face with a light dusting of hairspray when you're finished to keep everything in place. Bring along tools for touch-ups; lipstick, comb, hairspray, whatever you need! Don't forget the importance of your hands in your portraits; I love details like hands & feet. I'm not saying you need to get a mani/pedi beforehand (although heck, what a good excuse!), but just be aware that you might want them looking nice. :) One last note, on blemishes and scars: don't feel like you need to cancel your session because a zit popped up last night! I can take care of that for you in the editing process, no worries. If you have a scar or something else that you'd like removed, let me know and we can determine if it's something I can do as part of your session or if there will need to be an additional editing cost to take it out. (Most of the time I can just take it out pretty easily.)e sure to schedule your session in advance of that date.
Got it !

Bring out your inner model! Pick your favorite spot in Whatcom County and bring 1-3 outfits to play around with. You'll receive 40-60 final edited images. 

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